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How To Interpret Feedback From Showings

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Feb 8 2 minutes read

After an agent shows your home we like to contact the agent to:

1) Answer any questions the agent or buyer may have regarding your property

2) To get both positive and negative feedback regarding the agent and the buyer's opinion of your home.

This feedback allows us to potentially fix things that are keeping the buyer from buying. For instance, if the pink master bedroom is a problem, a fresh coat of paint may be the solution. Sometimes, however, the agent says one thing and means something else.

Here are some clues on how to interpret the feedback you may receive while you are one the market:

When the agent says…The agent means
The buyer thought the house was too smallThe buyer found a larger home for the same price.
They liked the house but bought anotherThey found other homes that were a better value
They liked the house but decided to build newBuyers will pay 15% more for a new home
They didn't like the carpet or wallpaperThe seller should replace the carpet due to color or condition instead of giving an allowance
The thought the yard was too small, the street too busy…The found other homes with larger yards, quieter streets,…for the same price
The home needs some workThe seller may need to make repairs or neutralize
The didn't like the floor planThey didn't like the floor plan

Bottom line...price overcomes all objections. A seller's goal is to sell their home. In order to sell...a house must be in similar condition, be similar in size, and have similar upgrades as other homes in their price category.

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