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How Can You Stay Protected While Online

Today I have Jeremy Hood with me to discuss safety on the Internet. Jeremy is the Director of Technical Services at Keller Williams, and he's going to discuss three ways to stay protected online.

  • Your online passwords are your livelihood. This is why it's important not to use the same passwords for different logins like your email and your bank account. Your email password is the most important, because from there they can get into your other accounts.

  • Guard your clicks. Don't click on suspicious emails that want you to give them your email password, because they just want to access that in order to access your other information.

  • Get a password manager. There are a few good ones out there such as or These take your passwords and allow you to manage them and log into different sites at different times. All you need to remember is your master password for the password manager.

Hopefully these tips will help you to stay safe online. Can you imagine having your bank account hacked during the closing period? You can avoid that situation entirely by following these instructions.

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