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Fall To-Dos

The heat, sun, and humidity have wreaked havoc on your home this summer. Fall is the time to spruce up your home after the summer sun's damage, it is also the time to prepare for the near freezing temperatures that are headed your way! 

Now that the temperatures are cooling, let's get to work

Clean Your Gutters!

I know, I know, who really WANTS to clean their gutters? But, you do not want to skip this step! After summer, it is imperative to clear out the debris that has gathered in your gutters, especially with the leaves beginning to fall! Here's a tip from me to you, you can install "gutter guards" to prevent debris from gathering, thus making this job a breeze in the future! 

Protect Your Deck

I'm sure your outdoor space has seen a lot of action this summer, it's time to show it some love! Repair any surface damage and give it a fresh coat of paint! Make sure you use an outdoor/weatherproof paint. This is the perfect opportunity to give your yard a new look! 

Seal Cracks Around Windows and Doors 

This is so important if you want to keep your heating bills low and your home toasty and warm! The tiniest of cracks can really put a toll on all of the other steps you are taking to keep your home warm. This may seem like a daunting task to take on by yourself...but it is actually pretty easy! You can find step-by-step directions HERE.

Crank Up the Heat!

First, turn off your HVAC system and examine it. Look for signs of moisture, excessive dirt, and rust. Now, you can crank it up! Listen to the unit for any abnormal sounds, like banging or rattling. Lastly, make sure it is actually warming the air. If you didn't notice anything out of the ordinary, then you are most likely good to go! If something was a little off, call an HAVC specialist! 

Repair Walkways and Driveways 

After pulling all the weeds and vegetation that may be growing through unwanted cracks in walkways and driveways, get your hard hat ready because we are about to do some construction work! Fill the cracks with cement filler or cement sealant! This will help prevent further erosion from the winter slush! Be sure to read the packaging directions closely.

Replace Your Air Filter

Replace your air filter. Replace your air filter! Replace it! Stop what you are doing and do it right now! I cannot stress this enough! Change your air filter! I am guilty of not changing mine frequently enough, but after doing a little digging, never will I ever let this slip my mind again! The air filter catches all of the dust, grime, pet hair, and overall nastiness that floats in the air. Not changing your air filter can literally make you sick. Especially with the summer humidity, an air filter is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, you DO NOT want the air your family is breathing to flow through that! A good rule of thumb is to change your air filter every 2 - 3 months (depending on the type of filter you have), but if you have a pet or allergies you want to change it once a month. 

Work on Your Green Thumb

Do you want an effortlessly beautiful garden to be in full bloom when spring has sprung? The trick is to plant your bulbs in the fall! My favorites are lilies, tulips, and Dutch iris! Check out this awesome cheat sheet for tips, how-tos, and even aftercare in the Spring! P.S. this is my favorite step! 

Winterize Your Sprinkler System

Having lived in California most of my life, winterizing a sprinkler system is an entirely new concept to me. Some say that it is necessary to drain and turn off your irrigation system for the winter, others say that it isn't necessary. So complete this step if you feel you should! You can learn how to winterize a sprinkler system HERE. You should also drain, disconnect, and wrap up your garden hose for the winter.

Light a Fire

This step is of very high importance! Hire a chimney sweep to come examine and clean your fireplace. A warm, crackling fire is lovely, but house fires are not. There may even be birds, critters, or nests hiding in there! 

Use this checklist to check off each step as your complete it! 

If you'd prefer to have a little help from the pros, here is a few of our preferred vendors! Find the full list HERE.

Brucker HVAC
Summit HVAC
Tom Bunch, Inc.
J. Kelley Group
Josiah's Remodeling & Repair, Inc.
One Call Home Preservation
Construction Consulting Services, Inc.
ZK White Pressure Washing 
Atlanta Chimney Doctor

Alright, have you checked everything off your list? It's time to celebrate! Give yourself a pat on the back and get yourself a Pumpkin Spice Latte!

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