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Coming from generations of custom home builders and family in the trade of building and selling homes, starting with my grandparents to aunts and uncles, cousins, and my parents,  it was natural for me to follow in their footsteps.

My father built homes in South Florida where I grew up on job sites. As young as I can remember, I would pack my lunch and drive around with him for hours visiting the home sites he was building. I was fascinated by watching them go from "sticks and bricks" to magnificent homes each with their own personality. I was enamored by the process and it was then my love of real estate began. Wanting to know and understand the entire process of how home building worked, I began to work for his company. My studies began from the ground up. Learning everything about the building process from office work, contracts, billing, and working with contractors, to home buyers.  The best part of the process is with interacting with the homeowners. I saw the journey through their eyes and the joy a completed home brought to their family.  Your home is where your heart is and I wanted to be a small part of that with people.  I wanted to take this journey with them.

Fast forward to my college years at FSU where I earned my degree for interior design, because not only did I love building, buying and selling, I loved to use my creative side in interior and exterior design. After completing my years there, my husband and I moved to Georgia where we would plant our roots.  I  became licensed in real estate and was off to the races.  

My journey has been quite extensive in this business.  I  have sold resale homes for buyers and sellers for over 20 years, worked in subdivisions with new construction homes, and I also renovate and flip homes to keep my creative juices flowing. There is something magical in bringing a home that has been let go back to life.  

I have spent years building the perfect team to guide us through smooth transitions, from my company at Live Love Atlanta to my attorneys, lenders, and a team of contractors that can help in anything we need to guide us to the finish line. 

These life experience combined with a vast knowledge of all things real estate set me apart in this business. I help my sellers get their home market ready with many tricks of the trade. I help my buyers see a vision of what homes will look like with their particulars. I am able to get us through inspections with my knowledge of how building works. I have built personal relationships with the best in the business to keep our transactions running smoothly and I accept nothing less.  Therefore, I am able to negotiate the best deals for my clients because I have the knowledge and background to do so.  This process is not just pushing paperwork. It's about knowing the ins and outs of home buying, selling, and everything in between.  I am committed to each and every client and will be with them the entire process because to me:

Buying and selling your home is never just business, it's PERSONAL

Visits Jill's Website

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