Olivia Grace
Nest Finder

Olivia Grace was born and raised in Cobb County on the highest perch of the highest tree on Kennesaw Mountain. Olivia is named after her great-grand-owl, however, most of her friends just call her “Livvy” for short.

Livvy’s proudest moment was graduating Hootie-Cum-Laude at the Hoo’s Hoo University. She graduated with a dual degree in Journalism and Real Estate Nesting. While at the University she picked up the nickname of “Livvy the Know-It-Owl”.

In her free time Livvy loves collect pretty twigs for her nest and playing Beak-A-Boo with her nieces and nephews. She’s a whiz at Eye Spy games. Livvy loves to listen to all kinds of music but her favorite band is Hootie and the Blowfish. She admits to being a night owl with her addiction to Angry Birds.

Because of her #Passion and desire to #Enjoy the Ride her friends say she is an absolute “Hoot” to hang out with.

She’s very involved in the local community especially organizations that work to protect the environment and animals. Livvy is an active member of the WWF Global Conservation Snowy Owl Adoption program where she has helped to raise awareness for the protection of her friends up North.

As a Realtor, Livvy is able to solve complex problems because she looks at each situation from “every angle”.

Her number one passion is helping others find their NEST.

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