You can win a prize if you think you can guess where we're standing right now. Allow us to give you some clues:

Back in the pioneer days, this area was pretty calm. Once a year, a flock of birds, big enough to turn the sky black, would migrate here. The roar of their wings was enough to scare people. It seemed as if they were taking over this area.

The surroundings were filled with oak trees that produce small, sweet acorns. The flocks of birds were seeking out these oak trees to feed on the acorns. The turkeys, wild hogs, and squirrels all protested these birds. Without this sweet fruit, they had nothing to live on. 

The birds would eat these acorns during the day and rest at night on the oak branches that produced them. There were so many birds that they would break the branches of the oak trees. You could hear the cooing of the birds from far away. 

At night, the farmer’s struck back by bringing their guns and torches and killing as many birds as they could. After they killed them, they took them home, cleaned them, and took them into town to sell for 85 cents a dozen. 

So, the birds ate all the acorns, the farmers ate all the birds, and by 1876, the Cobb County residents were no longer experiencing these birds’ migration. This particular area is named after these birds. 

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