Price is a crucial part of your marketing strategy when you sell a Cobb County home. Here are the main factors our teams looks at in every home we list for sale:


The myth that sellers often fall victim to is this:

If I just stay on the market long enough, a buyer will offer me a higher price.

Many sellers mistakenly believe that if a home sells quickly, it must be due to the home price being too low. No one wants to give their home away at fire-sale prices.

In reality, if you're on the market for longer than most homes, buyers suspect something is wrong with your home and are actually LESS likely to make you a full-price offer.

In Cobb County, right now our median days-on-market is only 17 days. In other words, half of all homes are selling in 17 or fewer days on the market.

Homebuyers today are very savvy and well-armed with information on your home and every home in your area. They know if a home is sitting on the market longer than it should be, and they often ask the agent, "What's wrong with that home, why is it not selling?"

When homes are put on the market and sell quickly, they are still receiving about 98.6% of their asking price. Compare that to the homes that sit on the market for months, which only receive about 89% of their asking price.

So pricing the home correctly is crucial, not just for getting a quick sale, but for getting the highest sale price. If you're looking to sell a home in Cobb County, now is a great time.