All homeowners who purchased a home in 2017 (or if you haven't filed from a previous year)  as their primary residence should file a Homestead Exemption with the county in which the home is located.  The homeowner must apply for this exemption – it is not automatic. By filing for this exemption, you will be eligible for a reduced 2019 property tax bill.  Once filed, the Homestead Exemption will remain on the property until there is a change in ownership.

Most Georgia counties offer a tax break for a person’s primary residence.  To qualify, the owner must be the owner of record and occupy the principal residence on January 1st.   The deadline to file for the homestead exemption in the Metro Atlanta counties is April 1, 2018.   You will need one or more of the following to file:  a copy of your Closing Disclosure, a photo i.d., automobile registration or tag number as proof of principal residency.  You should also ask your local office about any additional exemptions – (i.e. Age-Related Exemption, Disabled Veteran Exemption, etc.)  More information is available on county websites or by calling the County Tax Commissioner’s office.  I have included the county contact information below. Please share with anyone that bought a home this past year.

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